2014 m. vasario 17 d., pirmadienis

Haguenau update 06 - go foward

Hi again, I decided for himself, every week add for some new on my blog. Ok and what I have :) - actually not to much, as I want. Last week, again, we will have some problem on our web site and I lost more my time on it for finding solution and hope we will back on line in few days. Now I work on Haguenau, try make for one building on a day (with textures). Is a fun job, just take more time for right textures just from Google, any way this is my progress.

I will try find time, for show my progress on Carvalho. Actually, I have ready 3.5 km on it (road and ground mesh) just need record video preview...

4 komentarai:

  1. nu va pastaatai po truputi auga,aisku, tas web'as blin maiso cia tau ...bet svarbu kad judi i prieki, nors ir po truputi,sekmes !

  2. Looks really good! :) Just one thing - maybe these white blocks also could be a little more "used", then overall scenery fits perfectly like a real world. I personally don't like "brand new" stuff. Greetings! Martinez.

    1. Hi Maricn, I happy to see you there :).
      If you talk about plastic red-white road border, they can to be with more dirty and scratch, but it will too much seen repeating when driving. Any way, I will try did some different model and it will destroy monotonic.
      I very love Belnder now. On Karowa project, I work with Blender and with 3DMax also (mainly for night scene), but in Blender I feel like at home :D. It's just my impression.

  3. Hi! I was thinking more about blocks of flats (buildings) - sorry that I didn't specify corectly. As I read, pictures are taken from GE Street View - ok, but in game they need to be little older I think. Just an impression, don't need to carry too much for my talking - keep working and have fun :)