Friday, September 13, 2013

KAROWA update No 10 - beta 00.1

After long time work on, I happy to present first test for RBR community. This is not final version! I decide, that all drivers can make "hotlaping" on this SS, until it will have final view. I will hope, that all live comment about drive line or if find bug. We must decide what configuration is right on this SS, to prevent cutting on (of stupid drivers). In my plan, is add concrete bariers, to divide road in two sides. I'm not sure, that is need and really don't want do that (it will distort take good speed driving on...) May, right way is make fastest, as possible, drive line and drivers don't take "wrong way". But it will not close as in real rally Karowa 2009. Or enough divide road just close to bridge, to avoid roll close bridge but not to turn in tunnel... 
If you have bad performance there, please leave yours PC info (VGA CPU ram... SYSTEM

Sorry for my bad english
Rally G


  1. First look is awesome, works without problems. Many thanks :-)

  2. Awesome Work, high level of graphics and enviroment, no doubt that the final work will be amazing!