2013 m. spalio 14 d., pirmadienis

KAROWA update No 12 - Kick off!

First my intention, was make easy and fast conversion from BTB to native RBR format. I naively believed that finish all work in 2 months, but now it's take over half of a years :D.
But now I want to believe that all my job is done and I can forget this f**g stage ;)

Known bugs: if hit photographer or marshal under bridge, after red screen car placed on bridge...

Drive line:

Download link: Link
License:free for non commerce used! No modification allow! Allow for all plugins used!

5 komentarai:

  1. This file is not accessible to the public...

  2. Now I repair link, let me know if it's not work...
    Have a fun :)

  3. Can you please update the download link? It doesn't work anymore(

    1. It will be soon, you can download it on CZ plugin page, together with Undva and Junnior Wheels I updates...