2013 m. lapkričio 29 d., penktadienis

RBR-LT return to work!

 RBR-LT - as Phoenix fly...

After big break www.rbr-lt.com, tournament site is back! Yes we still working on design, but actually it's all member can go back, make new registration and can post what they are need. RBR-LT return to work! Next weak, just try find new server for stable performance...

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  1. Hi. I have a question. When we'll see tutorials for beginers about Blender?

  2. Just simple things. Like how to create small simple objects.I never use it so everything is hard for me :)

  3. Yeah - but tutorials for blender starters is a lot off, I'm not sure that mine, will better. But I can recommend do some changes in Blender interface for beginners. First in Blender User Preferences / Input - change Select With: from Right to Left. For me is good as is by default, but in first time it was horrible... Next, is you want used UV mapping, by default is like mistake, that tool panel you must call with N (keyboard shortcut) but in
    3D edit mode, it;s: T (as it must to be..). That mean, you must change shortcut in User Preferences Input settings (Must to be: 3D View - Properties: N, Tool Shelf: T. and Image Generic - Properties: T, Scopes: N.
    And you are ready used Blender.
    In my opinion, best tutorial was from Blender Guru - very impressive, very cool and very simple. And of course for best result in Blender you must take some project and finish it with learning process, for me it was Karowa SSS. Without something real, what you want to do, just make tutorials its not enough. In work process you always found new problems which not include in tutorials. It's makes learning process much powerful :)
    Rally G