2013 m. rugpjūčio 5 d., pirmadienis

Karowa update No 7 - proceed up to export

Again I return on this project, seems it's my learning place for Blender and Wallaby too. Any way, I'm happy, that I can import segments of track stright from Blender (in to Wallaby)

After I get this result, I return again on Karowa modeling places. I update and add new road sign, make new road signaling poles and street lightnings poles is new. Second is waiting update support cars and others road side cars and some barier fences, oh I forgot media equipment, it will at last.

Meanwhile, I hear critics from RBR community and I hope I found the way how avoid "cuting" in this SSS and leave drive line as in  original BTB version. Yes not all but this is one way how its used and say f***k off for cheaters and drive on in classic RBR format... And I can "dance" with Wallaby. So that's all news from my workstation ;)

PS. Yes I tested this track as classic format in RBR and it's work perfect!

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