Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Karowa converting progress 01

 After some hard work, one to learn much more about Blender and another one is not easy way to remesh and remapping this interesting BTB work.

Any way, we will happy to show for all some our progress. Why we take this SS, one of motivation is that Polish rally is one of oldest rally at all ( the same like rally Monte Carlo), and another still we don't have any city track in classic file format...


  1. Nice progress too:)Can't wait for Karowa,Kormoran,Hagenau,Peyregrosee and of course Rally of Magnolia Prologue.I see that we both do street track therefore maybe we can exchange some ideas:)You are more experienced in Blender than me,I would be happy to ask you some questions:)Please contact me on contact@e-puff.ie so I can have your email and write to you:)Best Regards.Soon we will have more great tracks for RBR.