2019 m. balandžio 3 d., trečiadienis

Torsby - the road - 02

Longtime cant to make this video, have a lot of other jobs, so now is a new presentation...Road shape preview. Sad but, it's so far, not accurate (modeled only by hand), because no possibility to have normal elevations data. I change it much time to compare with video buts it's really hard to make it properly. For best result need professional GPS elevations data.

I found online service, where is possible to buy good elevation data, but for this region, it cost minim 150 Eu. So, if anyone wants to be a sponsor, I open to offers...
Torsby 2018-19 years fro WRC rally Sweden, is very interesting configuration, 9.6 km long, on snow...
I hope you like it...

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  1. Can you use this?


    I also think you can order geodata from the authorities, I don't think it costs anything but I could be wrong. See if you find anything on the links below if you translate it.