2019 m. kovo 1 d., penktadienis

Verkiai - done, whoo will next?

Good news for all plugins owners, Verkiai pack is ready for first official install I ended with the first phase of bug fix. Now is time for your test. Download links for each track you can find in the right side of web page...

Well, time to time this question is coming, who will second stage? The picture below is some key to identify it, so teaser question which track will be next? It's funny and often used on WRC championship...

Guys I need help from the community...
Actually, I want to create Torsby power stage from Sweden,
but the problem is with road height data. May someone lives near this location and can support me with it?
Road geometry unique and will find all have on RBR for a full feeling of this SS. So, what I need, someone can slow drive on this road, with some good GPS device and record track position with height data. It will help me do all jobs faster and be more accurate in there...

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ON1J_5x44uw

    1. :D :D well too fast - yest it will Torsby - 9 km and short one :P