Saturday, January 21, 2023

PS Valstagna - Be together with everyone - 08

Hello everyone, I'm RallyG since 2011 I working on the new RBR content. I created, for the public, 25 virtual rally tracks, it's 122 km of rally roads. All my works and tutorials you can find there on this blog page.

At this time, I ask the whole RBR racing community (from all online plugins) to support my current project with a donation. Rally stage Valstagna. We need to fill some financial gaps and we want to continue on this project with new content. So, we need your help.

I decided, to give the offer to all community, and it will be included:
1. PS Valstagna, regular version 12,8km
2. Reverse version (in the short time term)
3. And will in producing a new historical gravel version of Valstagna. Will modded and properly prepared. (maybe the reverse version too)

For that reason in current plugins - RSF, RBRPro, and RBRTM, we will allow one online-only test tournament with a few tries to test the stage and you can decide want or not support this project and future works.
I think that the maximal donation amount must be no more than 5 EU. So, it not to be a big pressure in financial ways for everyone, who wants to support me and my projects
There link on my blog page where you can find the donation button at the top of the right.

Our target is 3000 Eu, if possible we want to collect his sum in one month period and after this content will be free in all plugins for online and offline usage (without any discrimination for all World RBR community)
I know that at the beginning price looks big but after 4 years intensive of work and dividing the sum by months it's 62 Eu in one month whats not fill the electricity bill. That is why I ask for support from the community and want to stay motivated to create new virtual content.

About my future plans. I planning to finish the Saalahti gravel stage (which will be a priority) and I think about another Italian road from the Bassano rally - the Rubbio stage.
Remember only 5 Eu, it's not a lot but can do a lot!
I will be happy if you are all with me and I can be with you and we all moving in the same direction.

>>> Search your test version on your using an online plugin! <<<

 Screenshots by AleksiP


  1. It's not only one of the best tracks I have tried in RBR (perhaps the best!), both from a graphic and fun point of view, as well as very fast-paced, but it is elaborated with incredible exquisiteness and fidelity.
    You only have to "take a walk" with Google Earth around the Valstagna area to verify that each fence, each stone, each building, each cave and even each graffiti painted on the walls has been represented.
    If you have not donated for this wonderful work, you are taking a long time to do it... ;-)

    1. You're welcome!!
      BTW, about possible alternatives to the track, a winter version would be great. That it started down dry and as it went up, snow / ice began to appear. Sort of like the MonteCarlo tracks of the DR :-)

  2. thanks for not taking part in any mods war. keep up with the good work!