2018 m. gegužės 15 d., antradienis

LOUSADA - V.1.0 - 09 (UPDATE)

Well, good news is coming. Now in my view, I'm finish with this project and first version is ready for whole RBR community. I hope it will prepared and installed in Plugins at the same time as real Portugal WRC rally event and you can use the same track at the same time in your tournaments too :)

DESCRIPTION: Free for noncommercial use in all RBR plugins.
Free for noncommercial use all textures and models or parts from this stage. You can use any texture and models without any limitation... ;)

Limitation: No any track modification is allowed

Build by RALLY Guru
Textures - RALLY Guru and Ivan Novozilov
Particles by Martinez
Made with Blender and Wallaby (RBR game exporter)
Special thanks Vaclav Koral and Wally for possibility create new RBR tracks!
Download link 

Sad, at this time, I got not a lot supporters. Will see, may next time, it will different...

WRC version video

 RX version video
 RG version video

5 komentarai:

  1. As usual a grate track from you, but i have to say that i prefer "real" rally tracks
    (in the woods :)
    But thank you anyway for all your hard work and beautiful and well made track!

    1. Thank you, I also much more like open area roads, but some times like to do some different. And I found that this kid track (mixed gravel and tarmac) and short combination is missing in this game. So, I fill this part...

  2. Atsakymai
    1. Of course I can, but so far, don't have enough motivation for rFactor ;)