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Carvalho de Rei - v1 delivered - 25 (update)

Hi all, good news for everyone RBR community - Carvalho de Rei is delivered for first integration in TM plugin.
Faster download link (online TM version)

Well, some built history of this stage. 
I found this BTB version from, well know BTB track author, Zaxxon. Its make big impression for me, so I decided, convert in to native RBR file format, with all game possibilities.

First to all, it was little bit shorter track. I decide make start from tarmac section, as is typical for Portugal rally. When I start on this track, I have less knowledge in track modeling. So, I made some mistakes and leave this track for a year or more. Make a break, I did few another stages, free and commercials projects, collect big package of experience. After that, I back on and make another try. New texturing process and textures, new models and other stuff.  Yes, whole process was complicated and as result some things, which I don't like, I can't fix or it's hard to do, also time consuming process. And I leave it. Whole process, take long for me, about 3 years...
Zaxxons BTB projects was close to fantasy track, based on real road, with not too much accurate elevation data. I know it was too hard made realistic, because to hard find any Photo or video documentation, from this place. Also, at this time, this old antique road is covered with tarmac. So road, in game, is much wider, than it is in reality (by 30%)...
But I was lucky, this road have view on Google street (thanks Google for that). When I find it, I understand, that I can't convert Zaxxon projcet "as is". And start whole project as new, based on his ground mesh. I change all elevation date, comparison with real road view. So its much close than was before, but of course it's not accurate in all 100%. But all other environment, I try recreate authentic as possible at this time. High detalisation, I hope you like it and will have good realistic feeling in game.

I found, that mostly in Portugal you can found hard rough road, with a lot of stones around an on road too and I make the same. So drivers, must keep in mind this stuff and make changes in setup or in driving style and you don't have a lot of problems here (especially for low caster cars as Fabia R5, Focus WRC 2006 and so on...)

Some specific stuff:
Track have 3 different texture packs (M-morning, N noon, O overcast) and all of them don't have all palette read surfaces (dry, damp, wet). Because, M - have shadows, its dedicated for good weather and have dry and damp surfaces. N - without shadows, dedicated for dry weather: no rain, fog and night conditions (no shadows), so have also dry and damp surfaces. And last, O - for bad surface and weather: as rain, fog night and so on. Also have water splash effect. So inside: only damp and wet surfaces. Keep in mind, when try to make new tournament, otherwise game crash...
May be, some guys, with crappy VGA, will have problem with track performance or some objects, or surface missing. I recommend, by it self, reduce textures with size 2048 in to 1024 it must to help...

Future plans
After I will receive 100 Eu donation and little bit more, I will realize, this track for free offline use (non commercial). And will start work on reverse version too. It's very low price, for this long creation process and I will have possibility to invest in some plugins, which make my modelling process easy for future works...

Special thanks
For all my supporters, donors also Blender community, Wally, Koral and whole RBR community...
Have a fun

PS. All reply, about bugs and problems, please, leave here in one place as comments. It will help me collect it all and fix in future version...

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  1. You are the reason why RBR is still alive my friend, and I must thank you for that!

    1. Thank you, but not only one, and lot of great people as track modelers, car modelers, plugin coders, and all other suff, doing this job: Martinez, Vaclav Sourek, Eno, Grazziano, Worker Bee, Miro Kurrek, Garyson, Rodriguez, Koral Vaclav, Andrea Bettini (sorry if I write wrong name) and so on, and so on.., and of course, all guys who support thems...

  2. Thanks mate, the track is live on RBR Czech now - http://rbr.onlineracing.cz/index.php?act=tourmntsview&torid=5cb45ebd6aaddf475a12e6c6ac4a4e5c

  3. That is the stage I enjoy the most - together with Fernet Branca and Kormoran's from Martinez. I think I will have to change pacenotes in some places but this is always what everyone should do, so no problem.
    I like you can make the stages relatively quickly while it still looks such good :)
    Are you still enjoying the building so you plan to start on some new one soon or you will get a rest? :)

    Thank you and congratulations for releasing the track for RBR community!

    1. Well, I'm not agree it was not quickly. When I return back on this track I expected finish it in two month, but its take twice more time then I expected...
      About next I don't know, may it will again some commercial, may something else, so far I don't decided...